Project Description


There have been moments over the years when our customer company has changed ownership. At these moments, we have been delighted to receive from the buyer that “it was not detrimental to this deal that the materials were made to an international level”. This was also the case in February 2018, when Gardner & Denver, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, acquired Runtech Systems Oy.

Collaboration and brand building with Runtech started in 2007. The company had grown globally even before this trade, but now the team has emerged as a world champion in its field. So, even though there are probably other advertising professionals in between Keuruu and Milwaukee, we still make them marketing materials on an international level. Full steam ahead!

Company video

Reference videos produced by Pelismo

Implementation & time management

Videos were always produced from design and scripting to shooting and editing. We also made a publication through the Youtube channel. The main purpose of videos is to act as a sales tool internationally, sales talks and at trade fairs at the customer’s stand.

We always strive for a long time partnership and Runtech Systems has been happy with our service since 2007.

Script writing
Video shooting
Video editing