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Messages and Visions

We are known for our never-ending passion for creative work in the realm of marketing and communications. We create the right kind of story and also illustrate the visual world for you.


Since 1992, Pelismo Oy has served their customers in the fields of advertising and marketing. Our mainstay is confidential commitment to continuous development in collaboration with our customers. We provide the services of a large advertising company in a small package, and this has laid the foundation for long-term, extremely close partnerships. Over the years we’ve carried out various development projects for companies of different sizes.

Our top value is trust. Earning trust requires work, learning, and long-term commitment to mutual success.


• Klaus Kaarre: programming, Web, video production (2007 ---)
• Juha-Matti Koppelomäki: programming, Web, video production (2014 ---)
• Hanna Söderström: graphic and visual design, photography (2011 ---)
• Ismo Mäkinen: Messages & Visions (1992 ---)

Team Pelismo is known for…

• making projects easy for the customer
• seeing time management as important and ensuring that a sufficient number of meetings is held
• producing high-quality work and never leaving business unfinished
• always working until customer satisfaction is achieved
• having content production as our forte
• doing continuous follow-up and fine-tuning for the Web sites hosted on our server.

We constantly study and learn the latest techniques and technologies in the field.

The 20th anniversary story of Pelismo in eDocker format (in finnsih)

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