Advanced Aidia® Camp Service Packages!


This camp is a website service package in which we create a modern website design, visualization and structure for content. We are in close co-operation with the customer and usually organize 1-2 learning and consultation days in the package. In this way, the right people from your company get theirs hands on the web site and set of skills for content creation. webCamp focuses on things that top sites are recognized by:

  • what to consider for search engine optimization
  • how to create a suitable web navigation for your industry (service path)
  • producing content and seeing it on the web “on-line”
  • sufficient amount of technical information to succeed with content and images
  • CMS basics and skillset for keeping up the website and updating content

webCamp is the right solution when you have a big amount of content on your website and you want to get the best out of it. The right content accompanies your sales work, as the content created with a professional is focused on essentials. Once the site is complete, individuals will be able to keep their content up to date.


A mobile video service package gets you started in your company’s social media video production. Even with a good smartphone, an excellent end result is possible when the basics are learned.

  • how to design your own social media strategy
  • how to commit staff to content production
  • permissions, copyright, protection of personal data
  • video design, idea and script
  • technology and editing
  • music and sound

videoCamp provides confidence for producing your company’s own video material. For example, product or service videos are shot effectively when the client is present!

Organize Aidia®Camp at your desired address – ask for more!