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Graphic design

Printed materials and their digitalisation.

Graphic design

Printed materials and their digitalisation

Contrary to “the word on the street”, printed media is by no means dead. Yet a change has occurred: content is becoming an all the more important part of the experience.

Logo, graphical elements, graphical guidelines

Meticulous planning of the company’s basic communications is like a house’s foundations. Who would build their home on a bed of moss?

We carry out extremely careful planning and create guidelines for actual use. If required, the whole visual world - including imagery - can be realised by using the company’s own elements.

Business cards, brochures, newspaper ads, wall partitions at fairs...

We can create the message and vision on any printable material, even on wood. We master all the printing techniques for you and endeavour to make even the impossible possible - if that’s what it takes!


We use the eDocker system to produce electronic, browsable brochures as part of your Web site. All content will reside on the customer’s own server with no additional licence fees.


If you so wish, more content - such as videos, picture galleries, and Internet links - can be added to the eDocker publications. Electronic publication can elevate printed materials to a whole new level of content.

QR codes

This is a handy way to achieve quick navigation from a printed product to the Internet. A smartphone application will scan the code and handle navigation with one tap.

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