Printed material and its digitization


Printed material and its digitization

The printed media is not dead. Content is becoming more important part of the experience.

Logo, graphic elements & guidelines

The careful planning of external and interntal corporate communication is the foundation for visual appearance.

We carry out graphic design and provide guidelines for the use of elements and colors. The entire visual world of marketing can be created into a unified and intact entity with a good design.

Business cards, brochures, magazine ads, trade fairs, etc.

We create a message and vision for all the printable material, even on the wood! We know the printing techniques for you and, if necessary, we will explore the possibilities for even impossible solutions!

Explore brochures in your browser

We implement e-brochures as part of our websites.

If you want, you can get more content, such as videos, photo galleries, and links to web pages in an internet publication. Internet publishing can awaken the print product to a whole new level of content.

QR code

The QR Code is a convenient way to integrate a print product with the internet. The smartphone application scans the code for the printed product and opens the desired link in the browser. For example, it is possible to link a printed brochure to an electronic version on the web.