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Value-added services for affiliate companies

Other Services

Value-added services for affiliate companies

Strategic planning & marketing consulting

We analyze the company’s marketing and plan a new marketing strategy that will be closely integrated into the company’s business.

The service includes analysis, control and planning of a new strategy together with the customer. We take our observation the following issues: internal communication, external communications, crisis communication, marketing communications and more.

eBooks, news & blogs

We provide email advertising services from implementation to sending and analysis. We handle the production of text content from light introduction to more advanced and technical content creation.

Social media

We create Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts. We produce content and sponsored advertising for selected media.

Chat systems

We install chat systems as part of the websites we create, including support for training, instruction and use.

Music, sound & sound logos

We create music, sound logos, and other essential sound into our video production. Your company’s own music is a strong way to stand out from the mass.