From script to publishing


From script to publishing

We produce video with professional skills from script to publication: Business videos, interviews, documentation, video for events and marketing videos for social media.

Script writing and careful planning

We create a script, an idea and a vision for your video. We present our initial ideas to you as text, slideshow or sample video. Careful scripting and filming design saves time and always leads to the best result.

Mobile and agile video shooting

We always have access to the right equipment for capturing Full-HD and 4K quality video. Drone also captures cinematic aerial views. We make the production flexibly and in cost-effective way as a team – without big production crews!

Editing creates the movie from elements

Professional editing creates a story by “mixing” the video, images, texts, graphics and animations. As music enthusiasts and people studying in the field, we understand not only quality visuals but also importance of quality sound recording and processing. We can also produce own music, sound logos or jingles.

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