I have always admired the know-how of engineers. Mere technical education and knowledge alone are not enough: the ability to visualise and apply that knowledge is also needed, and frequently a solution must be made as easy to use as possible. I am convinced that someone with technical knowledge and commercial abilities will never be without work.

Starting in 2003, our cooperation with Movetec has become a close partnership. The company is part of the Swedish Addtech AB group, which positions itself as a value adding link/coordinator between suppliers and customers. Similarly, we at Pelismo want to provide added value by producing the right message and vision – all the way to the end customer.

Partnership is always based on trust – the longer the period of time over which it is built, the higher its value. Even in tough situations, one can catch the most challenging curve balls and start thinking of the right solutions. We have indeed been privileged to implement highly demanding assignments and truly show what we are made of!


In spring 2008, Movetec’s Managing Director, Markku Suominen, threw the ball: the company would turn 20 the following autumn – should they hold a celebration?

The brainstorming began. Movetec would give a starring role in the festivities to their customers’ technical applications, and the office building at Hannuksentie 1 would become a centre of experiences; like ‘technology in practice’, but involving the partygoers themselves in the activity. The Beijing Summer Olympics happened to be taking place at the same time, therefore the theme of the festivities was Movelympics.

The first challenge was to get into a passenger cage, which rose to a height of over 40 metres, supported by a car lift boom (operated by a professional driver, of course). The vista of the sea over the tree tops was fantastic! The vehicle had position sensors provided by Movetec. They ensured that it balanced correctly.

The cage was lowered onto the roof of the five-storey building, and the customers walked along a red carpet to a penthouse, where the next challenge awaited. Finally they were lowered through the house (performing four tasks) to the banqueting pavilion. The Movetec team had accomplished something unbelievable in setting up the challenges and decorating the office building.

In the banqueting pavilion, over 200 invited guests enjoyed other unexpected events, as well. When the participants of that day run into each other even today, they still reminisce about the Movelympics award ceremony.

How to improve productivity

Swedish Sandvik Coromant had a problem in Finland. Their international product development introduces 1,500 new products onto the market every year. These high-quality milling, drilling and turning tools needed high-quality advertising.

When Managing Director, Seppo Salokanto’s team gave us the green light, we began to work briskly. We created a visual image incorporating the Sandvik yellow and red, allowing them to slightly merge. The textual content was compact: all of the print commercials had one product per tool domain.

The press advertising results were excellent, coming top in the surveys! The theme ‘How to improve productivity’ really boosted tool sales.