At the time, Finland was only known as a forerunner of information technology. Naturally, paper and forestry are the backbone of our country, but there was very little noise about the players with global power and new innovations in these industrial sectors.

With its high level of innovation, Runtech Systems is one of the leading global players in the paper industry. In simple terms, using the company’s innovations, a paper machine can be ‘fine-tuned’ to consume very little energy, while simultaneously increasing its rate of production.

Dozens of international patents hanging on the wall provide an air of dignity to the company’s meeting room. Runtech’s retail network covers the entire planet, and over 70% of the company’s production goes for export.

Knowledge of composite materials alone is at an extremely high level at the company. When, for example, combining random-looking strips of cloth with different ingredients produces carbon fibre used in F1 cars, we are looking at the highest level of material technology.

Starting in 2007, our close cooperation provides work orders from all over the world. Apparently, we are the only advertising agency in Keuruu which has had the honour of welcoming a guest from Toronto, Canada one Monday morning!

Pioneer of experiences – from Mänttä!

Mänttä is well-known for its paper and metal industry, as well as the high-class art and culture it has to offer. If a company promises, for example, a natural experience of absolute silence, track racing or a flight in a fighter plane, one would not always readily expect to find it in Mänttä.

Markku Koskinen has been a pioneer in experience travel since 1990. He has contributed to the creation of an important part of modern travel packages: both business and conference travellers can appreciate comprehensive services. Experiences introduce content to travelling.

It has been a splendid privilege for us to make up the products around experience travel. Marketing tools, websites, brochures, stories and content production have flowed from our pens, for FunFor as well.

“A calm open lake perspires; mist rises before the rays of the sun. The ever watchful common tern observe the open lake with the knowledge that the surface conceals the secret of the Islander’s realm: fresh fish.” (Siimojen Sävelet, FunFor)