We started receiving more and more contacts from the Keuruu region, so apparently there was a demand for a high-quality ad agency there. I also had a gut feeling that Keuruu had a conducive atmosphere for entrepreneurs, one with a forward-thinking attitude. We had also just finished our house construction project, and I was left with a very positive feeling about the local authorities.

Pelismo Oy had started gaining fame in the region – our working attitude spoke for itself. Klasu’s expertise with different web browsing platforms, databases and other programming tasks received heaps of thanks. After all, we offered not only visual design and content production, but also the technical execution of websites and electronic newsletters, all under one roof.

Bassism rears its head

After about 1,150 gigs with my four-stringed friend, I had quietly buried my instruments under the bed to keep the dust bunnies company. But before long, these long-desired super basses were lured into a new life. My old gig mates contacted me and asked me to join the band, Ramblin’ Men, whose beat felt just perfect.

The music itself is sharp and groovy, but the practical arrangements are ‘grown-up’. When seven busy people from different parts of Finland meet up, even sorting out the schedules is quite a feat. After our trial get-together, it was oddly heart-warming to receive an Excel file with the yearly programme, rehearsal weekends and gigs!

The track list of the Ramblin’ Men is impressive. We are a gentleman’s band that plays its own cover versions of, for example, Eric Clapton, CCR and Allman Brothers songs. We certainly do not stroll along the path of least resistance! Intense training weekends at Studio Rördalen add a nice spice to everyday life.

In addition to bringing extra spark into advertising, RM has also brought us new customer contacts. Our audience can sense our good attitude through our easy-going and cheerful playing. This also represents the attitude to work and the atmosphere at Pelismo: have fun, and it will show in the results!

Quality stamp – 10R

Sometimes you meet somebody who, in their networking skills and knowledge, seems to be a walking version of the internet. Power personalities such as these know virtually everybody and know how to pick just the right partner for each situation. Tomi Tukiainen, the 1999 and 2000 Finnish Champion of the A team in rallying, is precisely one of these people. It is baffling how the names of more different top professionals come out of Tomi’s mouth than out of Google!

Keski-Suomen Kymppirakentajat Oy is well-known in the region for its superior quality. The magnificent details of residential, industrial and office buildings speak of the fabulous craftsmanship of this company, which employs over 30 people! The development of such a company’s marketing offers great opportunities, because quality always has customers – regardless of the economic times.