“The forest is where everything starts. The 35,000 hectares of company forest is our own green gold mine – it is what we use to defeat our rivals and snatch their clients. The consumer must learn that paper comes from Serlachius.”

When the history of paper is examined, Mänttä stands out as a significant place in Europe. A sailing ship brought G.A. Serlachius to the brink of the torrent on 17 September 1868, and he decided to found a wood pulp mill on the spot. The colourful family built a vast empire, whose present legacy includes, for example, the Serlachius art museums and Mäntän Klubi (the Club of Mänttä), which was originally built as the company’s premises for events and celebrations.

Today, Iris Mäkinen is the manager of the hotel-restaurant Mäntän Klubi and Art Hotel Honkahovi. Iris is an exceptional entrepreneur whose energy levels would suffice for a small village. She has set the goal for the service level at five stars, and it shows: the units that she manages are also internationally renowned. Together these units form Klubi™ as a whole.

The year 2012 started with a blast for us. Just before the international travel fair at Helsinki, we finished our work on the image of Klubi™ and all of its related material: website, brochures, exhibition stand, press conferences … We also created unique atmospheres and stories for 32 rooms at the hotel.

It was amazing to visit Honkahovi for the first time, and to see its 3x12m window, which was the largest single window area in Europe when the building was completed in 1938. With the help of photographic images, we created a visual story for the project; this was how we brought the atmosphere of these unique accommodation, meeting and restaurant premises onto the website, to be experienced from around the globe.

Against the wind – or following the wind?

Windmills are by no means new inventions. The Persians are known to have had windmills by the 6th century BCE. From those days onwards, people have tried to maximise the use of the wind’s energy, but it isn’t easy. Especially not in Finland: Our wind conditions are particularly poor during the winter, which is when we use the most energy.

Telecommunications increase in the world as each year goes by. Yet several corners of the world have still been left without any form of mobile network, whereas developed markets are progressing at a fast pace towards mobile internet and its geoinformation services. The developing technology requires more and more radio masts.

It is crucial to secure the masts’ power supply around the clock, because phones must still work in crisis situations, such as natural catastrophes. Diesel generators are very unreliable as a backup energy supply, not least because their fuel is often taken from the bottom of the mast for some other use.

The Darrox windmill with a vertical rotor has baffled all sceptics in its initial tests. The amount of energy generated has clearly exceeded all expectations, and deliveries to mobile operators will start as agreed.

In the future, the Darrox windmill will supply power overproduction back to the power-distribution network – this way, the mobile operators are no longer just mobile transmitters, but producers of renewable energy. “Your phone calls are full of energy!”

We will be actively participating in the international launch of the concept.


The world never sleeps

The world of advertising and marketing develops fast, and the constantly increasing amount of information certainly doesn’t reduce the pressure. Today we are discussing how to utilise all data, what the role of print media will be in the future, how social media should be utilised and how the mobile internet works.

We are increasing the tempo in our orchestra with Hanna and Klasu, and we are playing ever such complicated tunes! We are getting a grip on future challenges (or opportunities, as we like to see them) with all of our soul and passion. We are already creating responsive websites that are accessible via all mobile devices. In addition, our hands are full of strategic planning and content production for social media, moving images and newsletters, and developing websites based on their visitor stats.

We are open for growth in the future. So if whoever is reading this book has the same professional passion and positive lunacy as we do, feel free to drop an open application into our offices. Let’s create Messages & Visions together!

Hmm … If the Pelismo of today represents an accurate eye for the game and team spirit, why not create a game?