During the years, Pelismo has already achieved so much appeal that job applicants are also starting to approach us. An e-mail, phone call or meeting are excellent ways to introduce yourself, but a first impression can only be made once. Summer employees may sometimes forget to state their name or phone number or maintain eye contact, but a professional also knows how to make a lasting impression…

– A person who has worked for a large advertising agency for 5 years, designing the visual image of the largest bank in Finland for magazine advertisements. Spreads and full-page ads. This AD (Art Director) suggested that they would only work with similar assignments, because they were exceptionally good at them. Oh dear… Small advertising agencies like ours sometimes require the designer to expand their job description. For example, an AD will also have to come up with texts. Also, sometimes we have to print an ad in a newspaper… and it would be a good idea to be able to handle other sizes besides a full-page and a spread. Oh yes, and unfortunately, we still don’t have a bank as an annual agreement customer.

– A person whose CV is quite impressive. If you can take credit for the cover graphics of albums or an entire company image, we are dealing with a graphic designer superstar. I was just about to dial this person’s number when I received an e-mail with another person’s application from a different locality. Oops, same CV! Oh dear… Teamwork is always a good thing, but I wonder if Picasso painted his paintings with a buddy? Or has Google provided a solution to allow people to avoid the laborious scribbling of a CV, i.e. a service where they can be easily downloaded?

– A person who knows everything there is to know about Photoshop. If you view the description of the world’s leading image editing software on the “About Photoshop” page, you soon get the impression that hundreds of software professionals have worked on it for over twenty odd years – and continue develop it. Oh dear… We are a much too small an ad agency from Central Finland for such a prophet who could have created that silly, little software on their own. Apparently, gravity can also be reversed, if you can be bothered to try?

– A person who immediately told us when they want to have a holiday and days off, because “you just need to find a way to fit them in”. This was the shortest job interview in history, and we didn’t even get to the part concerning the actual profession. Sorry… I felt like a nasty entrepreneur. Someone who has to rob a person of their precious free time. I wished them a nice holiday.

– A person who immediately announced that they refuse to work with Adobe’s programmes, because “they really suck!” This firm statement is the same as if a carpenter said “I’m not touching the saw and hammer!” The words gained more emphasis when the person said that they had been in the industry for more than 25 years, working for the Finnish government. Oh dear… There is no escaping Adobe or Google with us. For example, dozens of PDF files come our way every day and every single one of them can be opened using Adobe Acrobat. Then there’s image editing, layout, graphics… Good luck on the path you’ve chosen.

Just when I thought that no wind would surprise me…

…I misjudged the power of the gale. One morning I received a job application in my e-mail. The person introduced themselves and the main title was “I have no work experience in this field”. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! I must say that after reading that I just had to keep going.
The application was extremely carefully drawn up and structured: on-point and easy to read. And it was true that the person had never worked in an ad agency. On the other hand, not everyone has been at Akun Tehdas recording albums, like this guy. The CV was otherwise in order, education and all. I immediately grabbed my phone to set up a meeting.

Understandably, there was a bit of initial tension in the air. After all, our team of three was already the largest ad agency in the Keuruu-Mänttä-Vilppula area and applying for a job is always nerve-wrecking. However, we got along splendidly and the attitude towards learning new things was the best, grade A.

So it was that Juha-Matti entered the building.