Pelismo goes movies! At the start of the year, we immediately began to invest heavily in video equipment, planning, filming and editing. The team was joined by our old friend Jarkko Jortikka, a man of action familiar from several joint projects in the field of company videos. One of our first productions was a video for the Keuruu Animal Clinic, which Jukka Kuusisto had the courage to order from us. Of course, we were certain of the quality already in advance… and it has inspired positive feedback also from the customers of the animal clinic. (link) This was immediately followed by numerous others for e.g. the city of Keuruu, Movetec Oy and Mäntän Klubi.

Important to be on time, not late

Continuous development, brainstorming and devouring new influences are of utmost importance in our work. It is useful to see the world from different angles, and New York offers a great setting to view the world of advertising, as Juha-Matti, Klasu and Jarkko found out on their trip there in October 2014.

We took part in the PhotoPlus Expo event, the largest photography and video filming fair in North America. The fair featured new products, technology and the latest innovations and methods in photography and filming. The majority of the event consisted of product demonstrations, but the most interesting parts were the various speeches concerning the methods and principles of photography, given by professional photographers. The speakers demonstrated e.g. the importance of lighting and shadows and emphasized how the details related to the cropping and composition of a photograph must be taken into consideration.

“Small Crew, Big Results” seminar

The purpose of the trip was to also witness the important role of the video in American marketing communication first-hand.

The highlight of the PhotoPlus Expo visit was our participation in a seminar related to video filming, which focused on the working methods of a small filming crew, the various steps of work and particularly how to achieve similar results as a large production and how to produce cost-effective, high-quality videos with a small crew.

The seminar emphasised the importance of pre-production, i.e. careful planning, teamwork and creative thinking in video production. In addition, the formation of the price in small video productions in the American setting was examined. The inspiring lecture was led by Joe Simon from the video production company The Delivery Men.

The Times Square

The most important communication and marketing tool in New York and particularly Times Square is the video. More than 360 000 pedestrians move through this area in the heart of Manhattan every day, and more than one million people on New Year’s Eve.

The walls of the skyscrapers are coated with giant billboards that feature moving, changing advertisements. At the moment, the largest is the 8-storey tall, football-field-sized billboard donning the wall of the Marriott Marquis Hotel.
Similarly to a website, invoicing here is based on ad impressions. The unit price is certainly reasonable at 1.7 cents/impression… but all in all, more than 150 million ads per year flash in the area. So you can conveniently have your Message & Vision rolling on Times Square for a year by transferring 1.1–4 million USD from one account to another. We’re still thinking about it…