Day by day, I am more and more convinced that the region of Keuruu is a great place to live, dwell and be an entrepreneur! The municipality is focusing on the future by investing substantially in schools and daycare centres, and the tune in the corporate sector is by no means flat.

We have not (yet) been to space, but when looking at the globe of the planet Tellus, it would seem that Shanghai and Toronto are fairly far away from Keuruu. Or are they? After all, a customer has travelled from each of these two metropolises to visit us at Keuruuntie 12. In the spring of 2015, a traditional Milanese machine manufacturer approached us in earnest: could we produce their website?

Of course, the Internet is everywhere, but personal networking is still the most important way to close deals. Everything relies on trust, which can only be created by completing assignments at least as well as the customer expects. Trust is an international matter.


DMExco, Cologne

The largest annual digital marketing event in the world was held in September. Team Pelismo set out on a journey to the event where almost 900 exhibitors described their novelties. The training sessions and lectures were also top-notch, e.g. Google’s and Disney’s seminars were hugely popular.

CONTENT is the key in digital marketing

The content tells a story, evokes a feeling and passion, which enables the sale of a product or service. The right kind of productization and brand building are increasingly valuable, vital elements of company operations.

The better you know a customer, the easier it is to target the right message to him or her. The key is to be active, open and dynamic in all marketing.


  • The most important thing on a website is the product/service that you sell
    • You must be active, open and dynamic
  • CRM data targeted as precisely as possible according to customers
    • Form of housing, age, family, hobbies…
    • Mobile, laptop, interactive TV unit…
  • The message is targeted as precisely as possible and tailored to the customer who is known
  • Various loyal customer systems form the core
    • People give up their information in return for benefits

Marketing Challenges 2016

  • More technical platforms for marketing
    • Phone, tablets, computers, TV, radio, Internet of Things…
  • More applications used to receive advertisements
    • Edited programmes, apps, digital editions of papers, e-mails…
  • More data collection, statistics and players with new ideas
    • Google has the most comprehensive data, but huge numbers of new players are emerging
  • Less accurate information about the customer
    • Busy, busy, busy, no time to examine the customer (or their will)
    • There may be a lot of data, but it is no use without analysis

Marketing Methods 2016

    • The content tells a story, evokes a feeling and builds a brand
    • Products, services, what is sold
    • Multiple channels, e-commerce
    • Passion for development
  • Video and image
    • Significance of visual aspects is highlighted
    • Product images play a key role in online marketplaces and marketing
    • The video as part of the message
  • E-mail news and newsletters
    • Most cost-effective way of communicating
    • Content is the most important
    • Knowing the customer is the basis of all success
  • CRM
    • Customers are divided into the desired segments
    • Behaviour is monitored and the message is refined based on the customer
  • Social media
    • Fragmentation is the biggest challenge
    • Must know what media the customer is using (CRM)
    • FB, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Shazam, Spotify etc. etc.

Best Channels for Closing Deals in 2016

  • E-mail
    • Newsletter with an offer or bait, redirecting to a website
    • Content that has been carefully created, i.e. knowing the customer
    • Prompt actions or at least provide added value to the customer
    • By far the most cost-effective digital channel, volumes rising strongly
  • Websites
    • Company story, why we exist
    • Own pages for product and service
    • Where the product can be bought, clear contact information
    • Online shop as part of the site
    • All communication directs traffic to the site, aiming to generate more sales
    • Content production is continuous: allows customers to return to the site > search engine ranking > more customers > more sales
  • Recommendation
    • Unparalleled international and national factor in sales promotion
    • Simple: just make sure that service is excellent and product quality is high!
    • Based on a continuous investment in improving operations
    • Not suitable for those aiming for quick rewards, because they are often in such as rush that they do not have time to earn trust…
  • Video
    • Useless without a story: the idea is the key
    • Appealing or informative presentation of the product or service, redirecting to a website
    • Improves social media visibility, the video is easy to understand
    • YouTube channels and continuous content production
  • Social media
    • Different industries have different customers and a different kind of social media culture
    • Must identify the customer’s channel where content is produced
    • For example, tourism: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram / technology players: Instagram, LinkedIn
    • Platform used by the desired customer, redirecting to a website

Big Data

  • Collection and analysis of huge volumes of dataPrecise targeting of marketing to the right customer
  • Leads: knowing what the customer is looking for / wants
  • Traffic is redirected from all devices to the right website and the right product
  • Planned actions to promote sales

Marketing 2016 in Brief

  • THE FOUNDATION is built using a website with strong commercial content
  • THE BUILDING is reinforced with the right products that customers buy
  • AN EXTENSION is possible when customers are well-known
  • A SKYSCRAPER when the message, product, customer and continuous development come together

2015 01
one company which attracts many friends

2015 02
Nine-string guitar. More is more in the big world.

2015 03
In the digital world, there is a marketing platform where the bits move.