The rush is relative

Most assignments have a schedule that is also often referred to as the rush. Living in the moment is important, and our task is to fill it with creative solutions.

Mr Message & Vision returned from summer holiday at the end of July. Organising the CRM, archives and documentation in peace was a thrilling thought. However, this leisurely twiddling was interrupted by a phone call on Wednesday where a new customer had a very specific question to ask: “We would need a campaign video by Monday, this Monday. Can you do it?”

By all standards, even the thought of producing a video at such short notice was “mission impossible”, but it took 7 seconds for me to make the decision “yes, we can”. But how would it be done in practice?? Hanna, Klasu and Juhis were on their summer stamping grounds, and the entrepreneur is not a filming expert by any means. I certainly didn’t want to interrupt anyone’s holiday, but I had to be able to produce high quality and fast.

The past 25 years have taught me the importance of a network; neither small nor large players can cope alone. A couple of phone calls and 10 minutes later, the right professional had been found. It was nice to be able to call the customer back and ask casually: “So what time shall we start tomorrow?” We were able to produce the video on time and maintain high quality.

Vaissi Oy from Keuruu is a truly significant company in the Finnish food industry. When Pietari Tuomaanpoika bought a spare plot of land from the Crown for his son Fabian in 1829, little did he know that six generations later it would be the home of the largest cabbage roll factory in the Nordic Countries. Vaissi in Keuruu currently produces 12 million top-quality cabbage rolls per year. By hand!

Pelismo was not involved in building this brand right from the earliest years. But in 2017, we produced a whole set of materials for this fantastic family-owned company: photographs, brochures, a website and more videos.

Global standard of photography

Lumene is a global giant in Finnish cosmetics. The continuous product development and brand building of the company are strongly based on an image of the finest gems of Finnish nature.

So it was a fine moment when the global Marketing Director of the company contacted us from Paris and wanted Hanna’s photographs for the marketing campaign of new products! This goes to show how small the world is and how important high quality is: after all, there are quite a few professional photographers between Paris and Keuruu.

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Global standard of video production

Fairly unfamiliar to Finns, Runtech Systems has quickly become the global market leader in vacuum systems for paper machines. Runtech has been our partner since 2007 and, during this time, has tripled its turnover to approximately EUR 30 million.

Juha-Matti and Klasu produced extensive international video material to support the strong growth. The “Passion to Run” company video includes shots from Haapamäki in Finland as well as Germany, England, Shanghai and New York.