We have seen cases where our client companies have changed owners. At these turning points, we have been delighted to receive a message from the buyer, saying “it helped with the decision that the quality of the materials was at an international level.” This also happened in February 2018, when Gardner & Denver, listed at the New York Stock Exchange, acquired Runtech Systems Oy.

Our partnership with Runtech and the building of its brand started in 2007. Runtech had started to operate on a global scale even before the acquisition, but with the acquisition, it entered the top global league in its industry. Even though there surely are other advertising professionals located between Keuruu, Finland, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we are still the ones providing Runtech with materials suited for international business. Full steam ahead!

“Everything has been thought of when it comes to the marketing of print jobs!”

Our partner, Prem, is an international professional specialising in the finishing of paper and paperboard. There are thousands of options and materials available: varnish, glitter, foil, embossing, laminating, gold, silver… The challenge is how to tell customers about these options clearly and exactly when they need them.

We conducted some extensive research but were not able to find a suitable sales tool to be used by Prem from anywhere on the web. This is why we needed to design, code, illustrate, scale and finish such a tool from scratch:


This tool is the only one of its kind in the world. Customers have discovered our site effortlessly, which has warmed our hearts. Naturally, Prem also has ambitious goals for growth – it’s great to be a part of this team!

A 103-year-old was born again

When a company has been operating for over a hundred years, a complete reform of its brand is a special task of honour. With Keuruun Sähkö Oy, we were given a unique opportunity to create an even larger entity. We built everything anew by looking carefully at the past and the present and working closely with the client: from logos and graphics to websites and videos.

The service concept was divided into two sections: Keuruun Energia and Radiki. At the same time, the market of our client company expanded from Keuruu to cover the whole of Finland. Things such as productisation, a clearer service message, and visuals are a significant part of growth.

As the energy industry is constantly in flux, we think it’s amazing that Keuruun Energia remains a Finnish company playing taxes to Finland: Keuruun Energia promotes true sustainable development, in addition to its technology.


Timber Training Camp

Metsä-Multia Oy is a pioneer in forestry and logging, employing approximately 70 forestry professionals. This company is also the globally largest client of the forestry machine manufacturer Ponsse Oyj!

Metsä-Multia’s growth has been limited by the lack of competent forestry machine operators, which inspired the entrepreneurs to innovate the Training Camp: “Everyone selected to the Training Camp receives a personal plan to help them grow as a professional and become part of our work community. We can’t offer them a vocational qualification, but we can offer them a job.”

The shortage of professionals was dealt with, and the company keeps growing.


An ingenious mechanics factor…

Elekmerk Oy is a pioneer in the sheet metal industry. The company wanted to stand out from among its competitors, so we set to rebuild its entire brand, in close collaboration with the client: from its logo to graphics, PowerPoint presentations, websites, brochures, videos and social media content.


… is that all for 2018?

  • We performed various marketing and advertising jobs for over 60 clients
  • We looked at every task through our passion for Messages & Visions
  • We learned about future technology at the largest trade fair for our industry, DMExco in Cologne
  • We also researched future tech independently: augmented reality is coming

Another great year has passed, and many more are to come. Thank you for your trust!